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Sunday Bird Droppings

The O's have a quartet of All-Stars, Andy Pettitte uses his old man voodoo to stop the O's, and Russ Canzler, we barely knew ya.

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Jim McIsaac

Orioles lead the way with three AL starters | News
"I think what we did last year toward the end of the season really kind of opened people's eyes to the fact that there's some good baseball being played in Baltimore. And the fact that we have a number of guys going to the All-Star Game again this year just shows that we're doing something right." - Chris Davis. That man's got his head screwed on right.

2013 MLB All Star Game: Fans vote in three Orioles as American League All-Stars - Camden Chat
Sure, I'll toot my own horn. This does include the full lineups for both teams in one convenient location. So there's my excuse for linking it.

Andy Pettitte ties Bob Gibson as Yankees edge Orioles
"Andy Pettitte stopped the Orioles once again, Eduardo Nunez returned with a go-ahead hit and the New York Yankees beat Baltimore 5-4 Saturday for their season-high sixth straight win." Yeah, there was a game yesterday, too. Although I'd rather forget there was.

Arrivederci, Alex Liddi | U.S.S. Mariner -
"The O’s are trying to collect the set of failed Mariner prospects, having picked up Trayvon Robinson in spring training (for Robert Andino), then grabbing Eric Thames a week or two ago (for Ty Kelly), and now Alex Liddi (50 bags of 100 baseballs @ $15/ball)." I'm guessing the Seattle media doesn't like this development.

Canzler designated for assignment by Orioles - The Sunday Dispatch
"Just two years removed from being International League MVP and just a few months after going through a whirlwind of an offseason in which he spent time with four organizations, the 27-year-old Russ Canzler was designated for assignment by Baltimore on Saturday." Wow, that's a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Pleskoff: Orioles prospect Henry Urrutia could be next hitting sensation from Cuba | News
"Orioles prospect Henry Urrutia may not have the same panache and sizzle as fellow Cuban outfielders Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler. But without a doubt, Urrutia can play the game of baseball." Well, I'm guessing he could bowl and play shuffleboard, too, provided someone showed him how. The question is, how good will he be?

Orioles Q&A: Rill Talk with ... Brian Matusz - Carroll County Times
Jake Rill chatted with Orioles reliever Brian Matusz. And it's gonna get Rill up in here! Are you ready to get Rill? Rilly Rill? No, this pun will never get old to me.

Solving The Orioles Closer Controversy - Baltimore Sports Report
"The stat that jumps off the page is the BABIP against Johnson. In 2012, he held hitters to a .252 BABIP, that has jumped to .310 this season. Part of the increased BABIP has to do with Johnson’s ground ball percentage falling this season. Last year 62.3 percent of his outs were recorded via the ground ball (a career high), that’s fallen to 54.2 percent. His GB/FB ratio has dipped from 2.93 to 2.13." Some stats to show why Jim Johnson isn't so Jim Johnson this year.

Video: Jones frustrated after strikeout | Multimedia
Best contact he's made in a few days. And boy, did he hear about it from his mom...

Adam Jones hears from his mom after smashing his helmet after strikeout -
"I got a nice text from my mother saying, ‘I know you are real passionate. I know you care. But stop that (stuff)," Adam Jones said." Moms don't wanna see that (stuff) from their grown sons.