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Camden Chat first-half GIF tournament, day 4

After today the round two matchups will be set. Who will join the others in the elite eight?

Rob Carr

Three first-round match ups in the books, one to go. Who will be the final first round winner, joining Buck kick, Beernoculars, and Markakis HR girl? Find out who will be there by checking out the bracket

Today's match up features the 8th and 9th seeds, two GIFs who took home 41% of the popular vote in their weeks. The Casilla fist bump is one of my favorites, but there is a lot of love for Did somebody say dong? DSSD was, after all, the winner of the very first episode of GIFs of the Week on May 29th. We've come a long way since then! Casilla fist bump came along about a month later on May 20th.

Will nostalgia play a part in your vote, or will you go with Casilla punching Bobby Dickerson, who has been a supporting player more than once in this series? Vote wisely, because the winner will have to take on the number one seed of the tournament, Buck tosses umps.

Voting begins now and runs through midnight tonight.