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Orioles GIFs: Camden Chat first-half GIF tournament, semifinals day one

The final four is upon us. Will Markakis HR girl continue to slaughter the competition and move on to the finals? Or will Alexi Casilla prevail?

Who ya got? Markakis HR girl, or Casilla Later?
Who ya got? Markakis HR girl, or Casilla Later?

The GIF tournament has reached the final four! Good times, good times. In the last match, Markakis HR girl defeated Buck is pleased to move on to the semifinals. I gotta tell you, that one shocked me. She's back in action today and will try to topple the defensive wizardly displayed in Casilla Later. Can she continue her Cinderella run, or has she met her match? That's up to you, fine readers.

I won't waste time with words, because I know what you want. What you want is GIFs. So without further ado, here are the two GIFs that will do battle today. Neither has much need for back story at this point, so vote with your heart.

Voting will end tonight at midnight and the winner will compete in the finals on Wednesday. Check out the bracket here.