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A well deserved promotion for Mark Brown

After years of dazzling us with his wit, his podcasting skills, and his impressively strong grasp on nerdy pop culture, Mark's efforts have been rewarded with a promotion to blog boss.

According to his author page, Mark Brown has made 953 posts on Camden Chat. The first of those was a Fan Post way back on April 17, 2010 in which Mark wrote a short but sweet recap of an O's loss. It didn't take me long to realize that Mark would be a great addition to the team and his first front page post was just about six weeks later on May 29th.

In the three-plus years since then, Mark has become such a part of Camden Chat that it's hard to imagine a time when he wasn't writing funny gamethreads or drawing bus crashes in MS paint. In addition to his dedication to both the Orioles and to this site, he's also an immensely talented writer and we're all luckier for it that he found this site and decided to contribute.

To that end, Mark has been given a very well-deserved promotion and from here on out will officially be co-running the blog with me. He already contributes so much to the site that you may not really notice a difference, although I do look forward to finding out improvements he has in mind for the site.

For some time now, Mark has already been helping me a lot behind the scenes. I already run most ideas by him and take his feedback into account, and we're such a fantastic team that it was simply time to make him an official equal in our partnership.

So offer Mark your congratulations! And also, don't piss him off because now I can't overrule him when he decides to ban you.