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Orioles GIFs: Camden Chat first-half GIF tournament, semifinals day two

Who will face Markakis HR girl in the finals? Will it be Buck Showalter or Manny Machado? Buck tosses umps was the highest seed in the tournament, but people love that sweet Machado defense. Which will it be?


In yesterday's semifinal, Markakis HR girl continued her storied run as she defeated Casilla Later to move into the final round of the playoffs. Originally the #10 seed in a twelve-team tournament, the jubilant Markakis fan mowed down the Adam Jones/Chris Dickerson HR dance and Buck is pleased before beating Casilla Later. Tomorrow she'll face her toughest task yet as she takes on the winner of today's contest.

On June 21st the Orioles were in Toronto when Angel Hernandez (who else?) made a terrible call. Chris Davis swung through strike three and ran towards first when the catcher dropped it. Hernandez called the pitch a foul ball, though, and when he did, Davis stopped running to first. Hernandez then changed his call to strike three and Davis was tagged out. Buck came out to argue and was subsequently ejected. Before he took his leave, though, he told the umpires what he thought of them. Out of that, a GIF was born.

Manny Machado is a brilliantly gifted athlete. One July 7th he was playing third base in a game against the Yankees in New York. Prior to that moment we had seen him make some great plays, but none like this. This one we'll be talking about for years.

So, what will it be? Who will you, dear Camden Chatters, send to the finals? Will it be the feisty Buck, tossing out umps? Or will it be the graceful Manny, making a play that would make Brooks Robinson ooh and ahh?

Voting will be open until tonight at midnight. Tomorrow, the winner will take on Markakis HR girl for the GIF championship. You can see the full bracket here.