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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Another day, another bullpen meltdown.

Happy Birthday, Earl!
Happy Birthday, Earl!
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You see, the title for this is a pun for poo. Which is entirely appropriate at the moment since that is what the O's are playing like. I went to bed after the 7th. The O's were leading 3-2 at the time. I was secure in my opinion that the O's were going to eventually find a way to lose. It's just what this squad does. They find ways to lose, rather than win. They are a good squad, don't get me wrong. I tried to lay out my thinking on this yesterday, but to no avail. They are a good team, probably a better all around team than last year's squad. And probably a better team than their record would indicate at the moment. But they just don't have the magic / luck / good fortune that they got by on last season. Instead, it seems each of those intangibles has reversed to it's polar opposite, and now serves to stymie the Birds. C'est la vie.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - Recap - August 13, 2013 - ESPN
Read it an weep.

Breaking down the American League playoff contenders | The Strike Zone -

The mustachioed Jay Jaffe gives a bird's eye view of the various playoff races.

Buck Showalter not concerned with Orioles bullpen's workload -

While the Orioles bullpen has received its share of work over the course of the club's eight-game road trip to San Diego, San Francisco and Arizona, manager Buck Showalter says he isn't worried about his relievers tiring.

Improved August numbers could lead to trade for Justin Morneau -
I just don't see the need for another LHH bat. Urrutia is acceptable. Betemit will be back by September. Some RHH power would be nice though.

Roberts finding groove in second month back | News

Add a 2-4 last night to BriBob's totals, along with a well struck, opposite field liner that happened to be right at the SS. He has looked better out there.

Camden Depot: What Have We Learned About T.J. McFarland?

As Dan Duquette would say, "T.J. is a qualified Major League pitcher."Fixing the Waiver System | FanGraphs Baseball

In it's current form, it really is rather ridiculous.

A teen sensation, insane pitch counts, a nation's obsession: Yes, Japan's Summer Koshien is back - Yahoo! Sports

Those pitch counts are a wee bit eye-popping.

Happy Birthday, Earl Weaver! On this date in 1998, Chris Hoiles mashed two Grand Slams in one game. He became just the 9th player to do so.  4 years ago today, Felix Pie hit for the Cycle vs. the Halos. There was much clapping and adorableness.