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Orioles GIFs: Camden Chat first-half GIF tournament, FINALS

It all comes down to this. Two fantastic GIFs have fought their way to the finals, defeating every GIF they encountered. Now it's time for you to decide which of these GIFs will win the first-half tournament.

Who would Buck vote for?
Who would Buck vote for?
Thearon W. Henderson



Praise for Markakis HR girl:

-- Markakis hr girl is the complete antithesis of jeffery maier. We need her to cancel him out forever. nmcvicker03

-- She reacts to the ball clearing Garcia's glove instantly, and before anyone else in the stands; she has no concerns with getting hit by the ball or trying to go after it to get a souvenir; she understands that the ground rules of OPACY; and she has an awesome way of showing her jubilation. She basically does pretty much the opposite of what most kids her age would do. sjtoomey

-- she’s ecstatic because markakis had an extra base hit. she knows her player stats. Y Not


What they're saying about Buck:

-- Earl Weaver would be proud. Sierra Matt

-- I wish I could turn that Buck gif into something Oprah-like. You get an ejection, you get an ejection, EVERYBODY gets an ejection. Jakattak88

-- A vote for Buck is a vote for Earl and all of Birdland. Lion7two

Voting ends tonight at midnight.