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Thursday Bird Droppings

Sometimes it's nice to have an off day. This is one of those times.

Ralph Freso

First things first: congratulations to Markakis HR girl for her triumph in the GIF tournament! She defeated Buck tosses umps by 24 votes. She'll move on to face the winner of the second-half GIF tournament after the season.

Jim Johnson's struggles put Orioles in a tough situation -
Peter Schmuck takes on Jim Johnson's closer struggles. What do you think should happen?

Showalter impressed with Urrutia's progress |
I can't bring myself to clip much about yesterday's loss, so here is a story about Henry Urrutia.

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Baltimore Orioles, 2013 Topps Blue #317
Brotz wants us to remember happier days and to know that it's not over yet.

Do the Orioles need an extended win streak to make the playoffs? | Roar From 34
At this point, it certainly feels like it.

Jim Johnson's Time With The Orioles Has To Be Over - Orioles Uncensored
Everyone calling for JJ to be removed.

Time For Orioles To Replace Jim Johnson With Francisco Rodriguez
And again.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Chris Singleton, Jeff Huson, and Tom Dodd!

On this day in 1979 Eddie Murray stole home to give the Orioles a 2-1 win over the White Sox.  And in 1996 they scored 15 runs in three innings to beat the Braves 18-6.