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Baltimore Orioles Podcast: Camdencast Episode 50 - Jim Johnson Rage

Mark and Stacey are back just in time to rage over some Jim Johnson blown saves. Can the Orioles rebound from a disappointing stretch of games to get themselves back into a playoff spot?

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After going 0-for-July with Camdencasts and thus having a worse month than the Orioles, Mark and Stacey are back with a new episode just in time for some quality Jim Johnson rage to open things off.

Can the starting rotation ever settle down enough to let the Orioles go on a long winning streak? If the rotation ever solidifies, will the bullpen now be able to recover to something resembling quality and stop blowing leads left and right?

Along the way, an appreciation of how awesome Manny Machado really is, a reminder to appreciate players who might occasionally disappoint you like Nick Markakis and Adam Jones, and a look ahead to things to be excited about for next year - though there's still plenty to hope for this year as well. The Orioles are three games back of a playoff spot and all it would take is a run to get them in the same position where they were last year.

With the playoffs and more in striking distance, it's always worth remembering that there is value in going for something this year. Where to find the balance? Maybe it's best to leave that to the professionals.

All this and more in this week's Camdencast, which has a running time of just over one hour.

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