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Series Preview: O's vs. Mariners, 2-4 August

After a series win against the Houston Astros and a trade for yet another starting pitcher, the O's wrap up a homestand against the Seattle Mariners. Next week, the O's will be on the West Coast to face a number of NL teams. Tillman, Feldman, and Chen for the Birds. Harang, Ramirez, and Saunders for the M's.

Chris Davis is back hitting homers.  Will he hit any against the Mariners this weekend?
Chris Davis is back hitting homers. Will he hit any against the Mariners this weekend?
Patrick Smith
Friday, 2 August: Chris Tillman vs. Aaron Harang
Career Numbers Tillman vs. Mariners
Harang vs. O's
IP 27.2 13.0
ERA 0.98 3.46
FIP 2.84 2.52
Slash Line (Past Teams) .135/.194/.208 .188/.235/.354
Slash Line (Current Players) .156/.240/.267 .276/.317/.354

Tillman is set to make his fifth career start against his former organization. He's a perfect 4-0 against them with a miniscule 0.98 ERA (2.84 FIP). Although it's been against some pretty poor Mariner lineups, he has limited them to a .403 OPS and allowed only 1 home run. Over his 6.8 IP average, his K/BB ratio is 3.50, another solid number. Of the current Mariners team, only Michael Saunders has more than 10 PA and he's got a .919 OPS against Tillman.

Aaron Harang has faced the Orioles twice in his career - good for 13 innings. He has put together a pretty solid FIP courtesy of a 15:3 K/BB ratio. Obviously a small sample size, but Harang has among his best strikeout numbers vs. the O's. Both J.J. Hardy and Nate McLouth have 20+ PA against Harang. He's dominated McLouth to the tune of a .290 OPS, but Hardy has hit 3 homers in 26 PA. This will be Harang's first start at OPACY.

Saturday, 3 August: Scott Feldman vs. Erasmo Ramirez
Career Numbers Feldman vs. Mariners
Ramirez vs. O's
IP 86.2 8.0
ERA 4.05 2.25
FIP 4.14 1.63
Slash Line (Past Teams) .258/.312/.394 .143/.143/.179
Slash Line (Current Players) .410/.431/1.103 .200/.250/.450

Feldman has 26 appearances against the Seattle Mariners, but only 12 of them have been starts. Not bad numbers, although he's got just 49 strikeouts in almost 90 innings. Limited stats against current members, although 5 of 6 Mariners with 10+ PA have an OPS greater than 1.00 (only Kendrys Morales falls short). Saunders, Justin Smoak, Raul Ibanez, Dustin Ackley, and Kyle Seager all have great numbers.

Erasmo Ramirez has just one start against the Orioles (it came at Safeco Field) and he dominated them for 8 innings. Just 2 ER on 4 hits with 6 K and no walks. Nate McLouth had 3 of the 4 hits (Ryan Flaherty had the remaining.

Sunday, 4 August: Wei-Yin Chen vs. Joe Saunders
Career Numbers Chen vs. Mariners
Saunders vs. O's
IP 16.2 49.0
ERA 4.86 4.22
FIP 4.37 5.11
Slash Line (Past Teams) .242/.296/.485 .304/.351/.443
Slash Line (Current Players) .267/.298/.400 .212/.261/.385

Chen has 3 starts against the Mariners and has averaged 5.4 innings per start (16.2 innings total). There's nothing particularly exciting about these numbers, especially that SLG %, which does get slightly better when you look at just current Mariners. Nobody in the current M's lineup has 10+ PA against Chen, although Kyle Seager is hitless in 9 AB.

Joe Saunders will make his first return to Camden Yards after pitching for the O's last season. He already has one start against his former mates this season and it was, naturally, a complete game effort (soft-tossing lefty, anyone?). His numbers against the Orioles in his career are not quite convincing, especially his numbers at Camden Yards (additionally, he has just 13 K in 49 innings). His numbers against the current O's lineup are much better. He's dominated Nick Markakis and Adam Jones, but not Brian Roberts.