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O's Weekly Wrap: August 13th - August 19th

Chris Davis and J.J. Hardy highlight an otherwise dismal week for the O's.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports


The O's are at 67-57, third place in the AL East. They are 5.5 GB out of first and 4 GB out of a wild card spot.


The O's went 2-4 this week. That breaks down to 0-2 against Arizona, 2-1 against Colorado, and a loss in the first game of a series against Tampa Bay.

Run Differential

The offense and pitching sputtered, producing a +2 run differential for the week.

Best Hitter / Worst Hitter

Chris Davis mashed his way to this honor again, hitting a video-game like .409/.517/.818 (250 wRC+). Nate McLouth had a terrible week though, hitting a flyweight .048/.130/.190 (-18 wRC+).

I feel J.J. Hardy deserves an honorable mention. One problem with these best/worst awards is that you don't get an idea of who else has contributed to the team. Hardy hit .389/.389/.556 this week for a wRC+ of 161. That's better than you'll get out of most shortstops.

Best Pitcher / Worst Pitcher

Tommy Hunter pitched nearly a starter's workload. In 5 IP he faced 17 batters, struck out five, walked none, and gave up two hits but no runs.

The worst pitcher ... is unfortunately Jim Johnson. In 3 IP he faced 16 batters, giving up six hits and three runs. He struck out just three even though he walked only one. His performance led to two blown saves.

Best Batting Eye / Worst Batting Eye

As befitting a great offensive week, Brian Roberts swung and missed just 1.8% of the time. Adam Jones cooled off a bit, whiffing 20.9% of the time. The champion of the last two weeks, Nick Markakis, dramatically increased his hackery. His swinging strike rate ballooned from 0.8% to 7.9%.

Davis's Dingers Update

Davis jacked two more homers. His season total stands at 45. I'd also like to point out that he walked six (!) times in 29 PA.

Manny's Doubles Update

Manny Machado smacked another double, so his total for the season is 43.

Adam Jones "The Power and the Patience" Update

Jones mashed another home run but didn't walk at all. His totals for the season are 25 and 13, respectively.