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Wednesday Bird Droppings

4th place, here we come!

Rob Carr

Remember a year ago when the O's were the plucky upstarts who couldn't be beaten in close games? Ah...such, such were the joys...And though the O's may have nearly the same record as on this date 365 days ago (67-56 vs. 67-58) the current narrative is diametrically opposed. As I've argued before, this squad is an all-around better club than last season's version. They are just getting worse results. The 'pen was never going to be as good as it was last season. And now we get to see the ugly side of regression. What a gas, baby!

PressBox: Flat Orioles Fall Further Back With Loss To Rays
Your recap du jour.

Buck Showalter's statement adds wrinkle to closer situation -

Can old-younger JJ even get thru 1 inning, let alone 2, without problems at this point?

Six-man rotation a possibility for Orioles | News

Might as well. Not like they'll be competing for a playoff spot.

Signs of weakness: Flaws that could derail AL contenders | The Strike Zone -

Mr. Jaffe could write a much longer post detailing the various flaws and warts of this O's squad.

Orioles' Chris Davis on Aug. 26 regional cover of Sports Illustrated | The Strike Zone -


Young talent the best we've had in years - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

There was a lengthy discussion on this subject on the most recent Rany and Joe podcast (which I heartily recommend). They basically found that this type of thing happens (roughly) once a decade. And that the current crop of young players is performing (at least in terms of % of bWAR created) as the 3rd best crop of all-time, trailing only the '56 & (iirc) '64 talent pools.

Steve Melewski: Aberdeen manager was very impressed with Hunter Harvey

Hard not to be. Kid looked pretty special out there last night. At the least, it was pretty clear he has no business tooling around in the NYPL. Kid will likely start 2014 in full-season Low-A Delmarva as, probably, one of if not the youngest player in the league.

On this date in 1901, Orioles Pitcher Tom Mcginnity spits in the face of an ump. An opposing player with the Tigers attempts to bring some order to the situation before being punched by another Oriole, Mike Donlin. Both players would eventually be arrested. Old timey baseball sure was family fun! On this date in 1977, Brooks Robinson voluntarily placed himself on the retired list, ending his dazzling 23 year career. In 1999, Brady Anderson leads off each game of a double-header vs. the White Sox with a HR. The O's end up losing both games, however. In 2007, future O, Mark Reynolds, Ks in his 9th consecutive plate appearance, tying a major league record. 3 years ago today, Josh Bell asks Cliff Lee for whom the Bell tolls, as he clobbers his first two career HRs off the Ace southpaw.