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Series Preview: A's @ O's (23 - 25 August)

Fighting to remain in the playoff picture, the O's face a huge series against the Oakland Athletics. Norris, Tillman, and Gonzalez for the O's. Straily, Milone, and Parker for the A's.

Patrick Smith
Friday, 23 August:  Bud Norris vs. Dan Straily
Career Numbers Norris vs. A's
Straily vs. O's
IP 12.2 4.2
ERA 7.82 7.71
FIP 6.49 12.42
Slash Line (Past Teams) .278/.371/.519 .278/.435/.667
Slash Line (Current Players) .289/.373/.662

As Houston is new to the AL, Norris has just limited experience against the A's.  Of course, limited experience is also compounded by the fact that he hasn't pitched very well in those three starts.  Averaging just over 4 innings a start, things have not gone so swimmingly for Norris.  In one start (in Oakland), he lasted less than an inning and allowed 6 earned runs.

Straily has similar numbers, although he's got just one start against the O's.  It didn't go well at all, as he walked 5 and allowed 2 homers - all before the 5th inning.  He'll be making his first career start at Camden Yards this evening.  In his one previous start, Matt Wieters was 2-3 with 2 homers.  That's a 5.000 OPS.

Saturday, 24 August:  Tommy Milone vs. Chris Tillman
Career Numbers Tillman vs. A's
Milone vs. O's
IP 10.1 13.0
ERA 2.61 0.69
FIP 3.13 3.75
Slash Line (Past Teams) .302/.388/.372 .245/.288/.367
Slash Line (Current Players) .269/.345/.462 .256/.298/.395

Tillman has 2 career starts against Oakland and lasted slightly longer (5 innings) than Norris.  His BAA and OBP aren't anything to inspire lots of confidence, but he's yet to allow a homer and only has 3 ER.  Efficiency has killed him over those two starts.  Limited damage, but tons of pitches.  Saturday will be his first start against the A's at home.

Milone has made two starts against Baltimore and has been surprisingly good.  His pitching has been very up and down this season (he's spent time at AAA), however, so it's possible the O's might not see the same guy who dominated them previously.  He has yet to pitch at Camden Yards.  Chris Davis has a homer and a walk in 7 trips.

Sunday, 25 August:  Miguel Gonzalez vs. Jarrod Parker
Career Numbers Gonzalez vs.  A's
Parker vs. O's
IP 5.1 17.1
ERA 6.75 7.27
FIP 2.74 4.96
Slash Line (Past Teams) .304/.340/.478 .333/.373/.609
Slash Line (Current Players) .250/.308/.375 .200/.556/.400

Miguel Gonzalez has one start against the A's (in Oakland) and didn't pitch well by standard means.  His FIP is solid as he didn't allow any homers and walked 2 over 5.1 innings.  He has much better numbers against current members of the Athletics lineup.

Parker is relatively young, but he'll make his 4th career start against the O's.  The Oriole lineup has jumped all over him with relative ease in two of the three starts.  He made one previous start at Camden Yards and was rocked for 6 ER over 5 innings.  Chris Davis has two homers in 9 plate appearances, but also five strikeouts.  Adam Jones also has solid numbers, but less than 10 PA.