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Jacob Landis's cross country baseball trip raises money for cochlear implants

Jacob Landis is on a big adventure, peddling his away across the country to raise money for a good cause.

Jacob has gotten exposure and support from the teams he has visited.
Jacob has gotten exposure and support from the teams he has visited.

Some of you know Jacob Landis. He's been a member of the Camden Chat community under the name the fix is in for many years, although recently his other activities have made him a bit scarce around these parts. (If you don't know his screen name, perhaps you do remember him as the guy who outbid me for the Felix Pie orange uniform a few years ago. Thanks for that, Jacob. In retrospect I owe you one.)

This summer, Jacob has been doing something that many of us have dreamed of: he's visiting all thirty major league baseball parks. Not just that, he's riding his bicycle across the country to get to them. He started on April 3rd at Nationals Park and will finish on September 24th in Miami.

But Jacob isn't just doing this for fun; he's doing it to raise awareness of and money for cochlear implants. Jacob himself had surgery to get cochlear implants when he was ten years old. He had lost his sense of hearing as a child, but the surgery brought it back. Now Jacob wants to help those who cannot afford the surgery and he built a fundraiser around two of his passions: cycling and baseball.

Yahoo Sports interviewed Jacob when he was in Los Angeles. They made a very good five-minute video about Jacob's journey and his goals that you can watch on their webpage. You can also read more about Jacob's charity, his personal story, and all about his trip across the United States at his website, If you're so inclined, there is also a place to donate on the site. To this point Jacob has raised about $100,000 and he hopes to continue to raise more throughout his trip.

It's very cool what Jacob is doing, and even cooler that it's a Camden Chatter who is doing it. Jacob will be around later today to read this story and the comments, and to answer any questions you might have for him. They can be questions about his trip across the country, about cochlear implants, about biking, whatever you want. Once his trip is over I hope to have him come here and write about his adventures.