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Camden Chat First-Half GIF Tournament, round two, day two

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Sometimes GIFs document sports and sometimes they are the sports. This time it's the latter as Alexi Casilla pits his athletic skill against an unnamed Orioles fan's resourcefulness in the face of comic opportunity.


Welcome back to the tournament, sports fans! The bracket is getting filled in, but we still haven't determined the best GIF of the first-half. We need your help. Today's matchup is another example of an amazing sportsball play vs. peripheral tomfoolery. Who will own it, indeed.

The first GIF, one we like to call Casilla Later, you might not have seen for a while. That's because Alexi Casilla earned himself a bye to jump straight to round two. He got here by displaying such great athleticism... that or just facing a particularly weak field that week. I'm sure it's the athleticism.

Casilla's opponent is a fan armed only with his wits and two repurposed plastic cups. He stands up with his Beernoculars, like a general surveying terrain with his field glasses. Then... his rigid, mechanical movements suggest something like a periscope. But we forgive his confusing militaristic mashup because sometimes, like Casilla, you have to improvise to get the job done. After all, he beat out Thor Smash last week to advance, so he must be doing something right.

The poll will be open until midnight tonight. Rock the vote!