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Orioles GIFs: Camden Chat First Half GIF Tournament, round two, day three

Buck Showalter tosses the umpires vs. Did Someone Say Dong? The Camden Chat First Half GIF Tournament continues on.

Mitchell Layton

The GIF tournament rolls on towards its inexorable conclusion. The cries of the defeated hang in the air, ignored and forgotten. Beernoculars, it was a nice run, but your time is at an end. Casilla Later moves on in the tournament.

Our matchup today features one GIF that received a bye through the first round on the strength of its vote share in its winning week. Buck Tosses Umps is the #1 overall seed in our little tournament, garnering a landslide with 78% of the vote in its week.

There is also Did Someone Say Dong? to compete against it today. This GIF powered its way past the Casilla fist bump to make it out of the first round. This intrepid fan happens to be doing the old Hulk Hogan crowd call at the moment that Steve Pearce, of all people, launches a home run.

Former manager Dave Trembley once pulled off the same caper of ejecting an umpire, tossing the second base umpire after a particularly ridiculous "in the neighborhood" play on a double play. Buck Showalter does not stop with one umpire: he tosses the whole crew.

What do you think? Should it be the serendipitous gesticulations of a fan who happens to have paid to sit right behind home plate? Or should the figurative thumbing his nose at the incompetent authority be the one to move on to another day? The choice is yours.

This poll will be open until midnight. You can check out the bracket so far here. The choice is yours.