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Orioles GIFs: Camden Chat First Half GIF Tournament, round two, day four

Buck is pleased, but is that enough to send him into the semifinals when he faces off against the Markakis home run girl? This is the last day of the round of eight.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Three-fourths of the semifinal GIFs are set. Today, we settle the final spot in the penultimate round of this little contest. Did Someone Say Dong? had a nice run, but its time is over. Its peculiar celebration of a Steve Pearce home run (ball landing in seats not pictured) has run up against the juggernaut that is Buck tossing the umps. So long, Team Steve. At least this is a better GIF than that Astros infield one you were in last year.

Buck is pleased earned a bye by virtue of having such a high percentage of the total vote in the week where it won the weekly GIF voting. The Markakis home run girl GIF made it this far by beating the Adam Jones/Chris Dickerson Treat Yo Self home run dance. That was fun enough, but not so much to beat the unbridled joy of the girl who first witnessed that just-cleared-the-fence home run (as if Nick Markakis could hit any other type of home run at this point).

Why is Buck pleased? Is it the 11-2 drubbing being laid upon the Yankees? Is it Chris Davis circling the bases after yet another home run? Remember that we have hardly ever seen evidence that Buck smiles in the dugout, but this moment was so great that even he could not contain a little smile, though he wiped it off his face quickly enough.

Do not forget about the adorable Markakis home run girl. Where everyone around her stands, and some even cheer, in anticipation, she is not so easily impressed. Only the moment the ball clears the outfielder's glove, and then impacts the top of the grounds crew's shed, does she raise her arms from the railing. You need results to impress this girl, Markakis. You have failed her often this season, with your pathetic .377 slugging percentage, but you did not fail her here against Detroit.

What do you think? Should it be the rare moment of unrestrained joy from the Orioles skipper? Or should it be the patient arms raised cheer of the girl who has such perfect timing? The choice is yours.

This poll will be open until midnight. You can check out the bracket so far here.