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Yankees @ Orioles lineups for Wednesday night - Nick Markakis absent

Orioles and Yankees lineups for Wednesday night's matchup at Camden Yards. Scott Feldman starts for Baltimore, with Andy Pettitte starting for New York.

Patrick Smith

After being underwhelming against left-handed starters for the whole season, the Orioles are undefeated against them in the month of September. To keep their playoff hopes boosted, they will need to win a game started by long-time nemesis Andy Pettitte tonight.

The absence of Nick Markakis is probably more related to the fact that his wife was scheduled to have labor induced for the birth of their third child this morning than it is to his .681 OPS or his .600 OPS against lefties. If I was Buck Showalter, I'd encourage Markakis to take the full time available to be absent from the Orioles, but he'll probably only be missing from the starting lineup on Wednesday and no farther.

So, basically, no one in this lineup is great against Pettitte. That's about where it's at. The best OPS belongs to Mike Morse, who has an .899 OPS in 11 plate appearances. Brian Roberts has seen the most of Pettitte, and has a .654 OPS in 72 plate appearances. Adam Jones (26 PA, .769 OPS) and Chris Davis (18 PA, .748 OPS) have acceptable numbers. The rest is ugly.

Here are the Yankees who will be going up against Scott Feldman:

If you're in a good mood, don't even look at the numbers these hitters have against Feldman. If you're in a bad mood, don't look either.