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Yankees @ Orioles lineups for Thursday night - Wilson Betemit appears

Orioles and Yankees lineups for Thursday night. Wilson Betemit returns as the Orioles designated hitter. The starting pitchers are Wei-Yin Chen and Phil Hughes.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

We have some proof that Wilson Betemit may be alive in the form of his presence in the lineup on Thursday night, as the Orioles try to go, what, 16-1 over the last 17 games to get back to 93 wins? I'm sure Betemit is just what they need. That would be the same Betemit who seems to have been rushed back because his rehab time ran out and has looked like he will not be generating any more offense for the remainder of the season.

Your starting nine against surprise starter Phil Hughes:

Yankees manager Joe Girardi appears to be going with Hughes tonight because he is a known quantity. The thing is that what's known about him is that he sucks. The Orioles have failed against their share of crappy starters this season.

In general, they have failed against Hughes, in fact. They either need to reverse their career numbers or hope that Nate McLouth, Manny Machado, and Nick Markakis carry the day. Given that the Markakis who accumulated those numbers against Hughes has vanished into wherever his power went, it's probably more likely just up to McLouth and Machado.

The Yankees lineup that will either destroy Wei-Yin Chen or whatever reliever whose turn it is to blow the game tonight:

It is a suddenly fearsome Yankees lineup that's firing on many cylinders with A-Rod, Alfonso Soriano, and Robinson Cano all proving to be tough. No one on the Yankees has seen a ton of Chen, but we all know what can happen in a hurry. Maybe the inevitable home runs will be solo home runs, and maybe the O's can hit some of their own against Hughes, who's given up 23 home runs so far this year.