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Which Orioles single-season record could also fall this year?

Hint: this one also involves Chris Davis.

Greg Fiume

Unless Chris Davis is injured or intentionally walked in every PA for the rest of the season, he is extremely likely to end up with sole possession of the O's single-season home run record. This got me thinking: what other team records are out there, and how does the 2013 team compare? The research led me to another record that Davis will probably break, but it's one that no one is talking about. All numbers are prior to Saturday's game.



Miguel Tejada holds the team record with 214 hits in 2006. The closest competitor in 2013 is Manny Machado, who has 181. In the 15 games remaining, Machado would have to get 34 hits. Not likely.


Brian Roberts holds the team record in doubles; he hit 56 in 2009. Machado has 49 so far this year. Eight doubles in 15 games is not impossible, but it's not likely either. (Note: Machado doubled on Saturday, raising his season total to 50.)


Paul Blair set the team record for triples in 1967 when he hit 12. Nate McLouth has four so far this year. It's safe to say this record will not be broken.

Home Runs

Err --- duh.

Batting Average

Melvin Mora set the O's record when he hit .340 in 2004. The highest average on the team this year is .292, owned by Davis.

On-Base Percentage

Bob Nieman racked up a .442 OBP for the 1956 O's, their third year in Baltimore. He did also play for the White Sox that year, but he qualified as an Oriole.

No one on the O's this year even comes close to that. Davis does lead the team with an excellent .378 OBP, however. Coincidentally the highest OBP in the sport this year is .442, owned by Miguel Cabrera.


Ken Singleton walked 118 times in 1975. Davis, again, leads the 2013 O's here with 65 walks this year.


Mickey Tettleton walked 19% of the time in 1990. That would be far and away the best in the major leagues in 2013. On the O's, Davis leads with an above-average 10.6% walk rate.

Most Strikeouts and Highest K%

Ah, now we're into something relevant to 2013. Mark Reynolds K'd the most often in an O's uniform, whiffing 196 times in 2011. Guess who leads the team in K's this year? Yessir, Mr. Davis has 179. Can he break the team record? With roughly 60 PA left in the season, it's a good bet that Davis will eclipse this mark and set (another) new team record. 18 K's is easily achievable for someone who strikes out nearly 30% of the time.

Reynolds, unsurprisingly, also holds the team record for highest K% with 31.6% in that magical year of 2011. Davis, also unsurprisingly, leads the team this year with a just-slightly-worse 29.2%.

Fewest Strikeouts and Lowest K%

Looking at strikeouts from a more positive note, Rich Dauer's 1980 season holds the record for fewest strikeouts (19) and lowest K% (3.1%). (I omitted the 1981 season because it was shortened by a strike.) On your 2013 Orioles, J.J. Hardy leads the way with 65 strikeouts and Nick Markakis owns the best K% at 10.4%.

Weighted Runs Created+

Frank Robinson holds the team record for the highest wRC+ in a season, notching 195 wRC+ in1966, which was his first year with the O's. Robinson hit .316/.410.637 with 49 HR, winning his second MVP award.

You're probably getting tired of hearing his name (or maybe not!) but in 2013 your obvious leader in team wRC+ is Chris Davis with 173.


Before we get into pitching, recognize that of all the starters the O's have used this season, only Chris Tillman and Miguel Gonzalez qualify for the ERA title in an O's uniform. So you'll see their names come up a lot.


Dave McNally set a team record in 1968 when he finished with a 1.95 ERA. Compare this to Chris Tillman's 3.66 ERA in 2013.


Jim Palmer owns the best ERA- in team history, with a 58 he put up in 1975. (Yes, he won the Cy Young that year.) This year Tillman's 86 ERA- leads the O's.


Pat Dobson had a 2.64 FIP in 1972. This year, Miguel Gonzalez's 4.52 FIP edges out Tillman's performance.


Walks suck, and in 1960 Hal Brown walked just 3.5% of batters. This year, Gonzalez is walking 7.4% of batters.


Strikeouts are great, and in 2007 Erik Bedard struck out 30.2% of batters he faced. This year Tillman leads O's starters with a 20.8% K rate.


Mike Mussina struck out 4.57 batters for every one he walked back in 2000. This year, The best K/BB ratio is owned by Tillman (2.47).


Bob Turley has the team record of 0.25 HR/9, which he achieved in 1954. This year Miguel Gonzalez and his 1.31 HR/9 leads the O's.


Dave McNally owns this record; in 1984 he put up a WHIP of 0.84. This year the best on the team is Tillman with 1.23.


No one in 1991 knew what WAR in baseball was, but that year Cal Ripken set the team's record with 10.4. It makes sense; he was a power-hitting shortstop and those are hard to come by. Chris Davis leads the team this year with 6.7 WAR.

Pitching WAR is less of a sure thing, but Jim Palmer's 1975 season produced 6.4 WAR, a phenomenal number for a pitcher. This year, Tillman's 1.7 fWAR leads the starting staff.