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Orioles @ Rays lineups and game preview, and who to root for in the A.L. on 9/20

It's the first of four in Tampa Bay and the pitching matchup isn't kind.



Baltimore Orioles

1. Manny Machado (R) 3B
2. Adam Jones (R) CF
3. Chris Davis (L) 1B
4. Danny Valencia (R) DH
5. Matt Wieters (S) C
6. J.J. Hardy (R) SS
7. Nick Markakis (L) RF
8. Michael Morse (R) LF
9. Brian Roberts (S) 2B

Tampa Bay Rays

1. David DeJesus (L) LF
2. Desmond Jennings (R) CF
3. Ben Zobrist (S) 2B
4. Evan Longoria (R) 3B
5. Wil Myers (R) DH
6. Matt Joyce (L) RF
7. James Loney (L) 1B
8. Jose Molina (R) C
9. Yunel Escobar (R) SS

Starting Pitchers

With both Bud Norris and Miguel Gonzalez day-to-day (one of them will hopefully start tomorrow), the Orioles have turned to Jason Hammel to get the job done. Hammel was pretty awful before going on the disabled list this earlier season. Since returning he has had one good two-inning relief appearance and one decent five-inning start against the Blue Jays. He does not inspire confidence.

On the other side will be 2012 Cy Young Award winner David Price. He also spent time on the disabled list this year, and since returning in the beginning of July has been the Price we've all come to know and covet. Price was on the mound for one of the most frustrating O's losses of the season, when they got to him for ten hits and two walks in just five innings, but couldn't score more than two runs and left fifteen runners on base in the game.

A.L. Wild Card Games of Interest

Astros @ Indians

Rangers @ Royals

Giants @ Yankees

The weekend series are broken down in my article from earlier today, but you should definitely be rooting for the Astros, Royals, and Giants.