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Machado knee injury: Showalter "confident Manny will be playing" with Orioles early next season

While the Orioles are still waiting on Tuesday afternoon for team physician Dr. Wilckens to read the MRI of Manny Machado's knee injury, based on early reports, those affiliated with the club are optimistic that the injury is not as serious as it initially appeared.

In pre-game comments to the media, manager Buck Showalter even told reporters that he is "confident Manny will be playing with us early next season."

The doctor has not made his official diagnosis, but the Orioles received information from the radiologist who performed the MRI. An initial report from Will Carroll:

Reporters were told that Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette will make an announcement when the MRI diagnosis is available. Currently, the Orioles expect that this will occur during Tuesday's game against the Blue Jays.