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Friday Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume

So, the Orioles end the season series with the Blue Jays on a winning note backed by strong efforts from Miguel Gonzalez and the good Jim Johnson. Rough night for young Mr. Schoop, but these things will happen. I recall early this season when I imagined this final series would present an opportunity for a scrappy, battling Red Sox team to take revenge on the O's for 2011. Oh, well. The Orioles might still prevent the Sox from the top seed and clinch the season series with one win.

What to watch for: Sox-Orioles final series - Boston Red Sox Blog - ESPN Boston The dean of the Red Sox beats takes a look at the season's final series.

Showalter expects little change in coaching staff | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Rich Dubroff takes a look at the coaching staff for 2014.

Dickerson, Casilla likely done for season | News A little overlap on the coaching stuff here, but I was more focused on Casilla and Dickerson.

School of Roch: Because You Asked - A Good Day To Die Hard Question time with Roch.

Free Agent Profile: Nate McLouth: MLB Rumors - The good folks at MLBTR handicap the prospects for the Highlander.

Baltimore Orioles News | Orioles Fan Site | Eutaw Street Report | Looking ahead – Birdland 2014 Too soon? I don't really agree with much of the opinions stated here, but, hey...YMMV.

On this day in 1996, Roberto Alomar got into a, uhh, heated exchange of ideas with umpire John Hirschbeck.

It's the birthday of Dick Hall, Radhames Dykhoff (one of two Radhameses or Radhami to play for the O's) and Jon Rauch.

...and of no consequence in Orioles history, I just wanted to mention that Abraham Lincoln "Sweetbreads" Bailey died on this day in 1939. Ponder that.