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Orioles @ Indians lineups for Tuesday night - Nate McLouth batting ninth

Lineups for the Orioles and the Indians for Tuesday night. Nate McLouth is batting ninth for the O's. Chris Tillman and Ubaldo Jimenez are the starting pitchers.

Rich Schultz

When asked how Bud Norris was able to have such a strong start against the Indians on Monday, an Indians player replied, "He had a scheduled start against our offense."

These guys could be due to break out any game now. Perhaps today against Chris Tillman:

The only Cleveland batter with any significant action against Tillman is Nick Swisher, who accumulated 20 plate appearances against him. He has a double and a home run as part of a 5-17.

Orioles hitters will be looking to make it three wins in a row. They'll be sending this lineup up against Ubaldo Jimenez:

Why is Nate McLouth batting ninth? Maybe because he's only 3-25 off of Jimenez in his career, though one of the hits was a home run. He is the best/only left field option for the O's, so even in an unfavorable matchup like that, he should probably be the one playing. Moving him down in the order is good.

The only other Oriole who's seen Jimenez for more than ten plate appearances is Chris Snyder, and how he bats against anyone doesn't matter.

Wilson Betemit is on the bench to start out the game, though he has a 3-8 with two doubles off of Jimenez. I am fine with this, and you should be too.

If you're inclined to look ahead to the starting matchups for the White Sox series:

Like a broken cash register, there is no Sale.