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White Sox @ Orioles lineups for Thursday night; Nick Markakis not in starting lineup for O's

Lineups for the Orioles and White Sox for Thursday night. Nick Markakis is not in the O's lineup.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a person who has been looking forward to the day when Buck Showalter realizes that Nick Markakis basically sucks this season and needs to not be in the lineup every day? If so, today is your lucky day, because he is not in the Orioles lineup.

Michael Morse in the outfield. My goodness. This is the lineup against White Sox lefty Jose Quintana, who pitched seven shutout innings while striking out eleven Orioles hitters back on July 4.

No one on the O's roster has faced Quintana more than six times. Adam Jones has a home run in four at-bats.

Against left-handed pitchers, the Orioles bat a collective .250/.296/.408, so against lefties they're basically Matt Wieters against everyone. This statement is regrettably not a compliment.

Orioles starter Miguel Gonzalez has not faced the White Sox this year.

The White Sox have this collective batting line for the season: .251/.305/.380. Only the presence of Houston saves them from having the worse offense in the American League.

This is a terrible team with nothing to play for and the Orioles are about to face them for four games without even facing their best starter in Chris Sale. Tonight they need to kick off a sweep.