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New Year's Day Bird Droppings

Nurse that hangover with a fine selection of O's links

Greg Fiume's your head feeling? Too much Fireball? You stink of cigarettes you don't normally smoke? Never drinking again, huh? Sure. Right. OK. You's not good to start off a new year with promises you have zero intention of keeping. So fall right off that wagon and get some hair o' the dog in ya. You'll feel better, I promise. Now, what's going on in Birdland? Welp...not much except for fan grousing and gripeing. But no worries, for it's Hall of Fame ballot consternation season! Oh, joy.

School of Roch: My Hall of Fame ballot
I'll give the Professor of Posts a C+. The inclusion of Morris is unfortunate as I feel Trammel, Walker, Schilling, and Kent each deserve more recognition than him.

In 2014, Orioles might be better than last season's record-setting defense -

The big upgrade may come from LF, but 2B will likely be much improved defensively as well.

trades, dOngs and passings - The Wayward O

Wayward's reminiscence on the year that was in Birdland

Baseball Prospectus | The Lineup Card: Nine of Our Favorite Baseball Player Idiosyncrasies

No O's on the list (though eternally Honorary O, Koji does make it). But what are some of your favorite O's idiosyncrasies? Do they even have many? Does Jonesy's tap of the Baltimore patch after a HR count?

Baseball’s Anti-TTO Ballpark | FanGraphs Baseball

Not sure what to make of this, but here it is anyway.

Today is the birthday of old friend Xavier Avery.