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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Spring training tease time with the opening of the O's mini-camp

Wrapper looks to be having a somewhat spiritual moment via JJ's noggin.
Wrapper looks to be having a somewhat spiritual moment via JJ's noggin.
Rod Mar

School of Roch: A frenetic first day of mini-camp
Roch 'covers all the bases'!

Orioles prospect Dylan Bundy aiming for June return from Tommy John surgery -
Could have had this story on Sunday if a certain Chatter who will remain nameless could handle his Coors Lights. That being said...'Whoaaaaaaaaaaa, Bundy!'

Orioles backed out of deal with Grant Balfour due to concerns over his wrist and knee | HardballTalk
And I'm sure everyone who piled on the O's for being a joke of an organization will be jostling to be the first to recant and say they should have waited for the whole story to emerge...Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Orioles seeking update on third baseman Manny Machado at minicamp | News

This mini-camp is such a tease. C'mon Spring Training, get here already!

Anthony Castrovince: Orioles have been unusually quiet this offseason | News

Or, perhaps, they are gambling that this squad can find a similar level of luck as the '12 club.

Throwing and Not Throwing Balls in the Dirt | FanGraphs Baseball

Should O's pitchers be throwing more balls in the dirt? If Wiet is as outstanding a defensive catcher as he is said to be, perhaps so.

The Many Faces of Average | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Interesting note regarding JJ.

Baseball’s Best Arms | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Manny. 'nuff said.

Sizing up Grady Sizemore - Beyond the Box Score

Would have been a far better signing than Delmon.

Can't tell you who's birthday it is or what happened on this date in history because Baseball Reference is not playing nicely this morning. with it.