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Sunday Bird Droppings

Everything is wonderful in Florida, Matt Wieters goes to arbitration, and former Orioles scouts get lauded.

Hall of Famer Earl Weaver.
Hall of Famer Earl Weaver.
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Looking at the big winners from the Orioles' minicamp in Sarasota -
It's winter, when every team can be a champion! Here's the roundup from this week's mini-camp.

Steve Melewski: With 2014 contract not yet set, Matt Wieters faces an uncertain future as an Oriole
I'd say it's pretty certain - Matt Wieters will be an Oriole for two more years, then test the free agent market. He's gonna ask for a bajillion dollars, and some one else is going to give it to him.

School of Roch: Kicking around some ideas about the 25-man roster
Roster speculation. Because what else is there to do on a Sunday in January?

Commissioner Selig helps hand out awards at Scouts Foundation fundraiser | News
Two former Orioles scouts were awarded the "Legends in Scouting Award". Good for them!

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Rick Krivda, Chris "RecSpecs" Sabo, and Fred "Squeaky" Valentine.

On this date in Orioles history, "1995 - Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos announces that his team will not use replacement players if the strike is not settled before Opening Day."

And last year, The Earl of Baltimore, Hall of Fame member Earl Weaver, passed away. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Consider this your NFL Conference Championship games Open Thread.

Oh, Joel Miller, you've just found the marble in the Open Thread. You're a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy. 'Cause you know why? You get to drink from... the FIRE HOSE!