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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Leave the shoveling for the neighborhood kids. Come hang out in Open Thread!

Patrick Smith

School of Roch: Who will be the Orioles' difference maker in 2014?
Gotta agree with Roch here. Not necessarily with Britton as a specific choice, but with the 5th Starter as a concept. If one of the myriad arms inevitably given a shot at the 5th slot manages to stick with decent results the rotation, and O's season, will likely look much better.

The 30 Linchpin Players of 2014 - ESPN

In$ider article, but Buster's pick for the O's is Manny. Who do you think will be the O's most important (not necessarily most valuable) player?

Trading for Drew Storen | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

Taking a look at why the Orioles should trade for Drew Storen, and how he could become their de facto closer almost immediately.

Orioles have qualified non-roster players; How many make it? | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

I'd gander that Aceves has the best chance, while Young is but a Nolan injury or so away.

Hope Springs Eternal For 2013 Underachievers | FanGraphs Baseball

Throwing around a name like Clayton Kershaw in a write up about Gausman gives me goosebumps.

Brett Tomko to audition for Orioles on Friday | HardballTalk

Dan Duquette will not rest until he's collected all of the 2011 Texas Rangers at some point.

Kolten Wong headlines Prospect Watch's Top 10 second basemen | News

Schoop comes in at number 6 on this list. Not a bad showing.

It's the birthday of former manager Johnny Oates.

Oh boy, Open Thread! That's where I'm a Viking!