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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Let's not dance around the issue: there isn't any Orioles news to share


The Orioles Play in the Shallow End of Free Agency | FanGraphs Baseball
We all know what this is about. The interesting part that struck me though, came in the 3rd paragraph from the bottom. What if this squad isn't in the proper part of the expected Win curve that signing a Choo or Tanaka would make a difference?

MLB Prospect Watch: Kevin Gausman and the Orioles Quiet Off-Season
Let Goose simmer some in Norfolk is the argument. I've a notion that his performance will be the most overly scrutinized of Spring Training.

Camden Depot: The Illusion of a Competitive Spring: Orioles' Left Field and DH

The point that, I think is trying to be made here is: screw our LF & DH options. Or, perhaps, the club is screwed. Or something to that effect.

Life in the GCL - The Hardships of a Rookie Athlete

A look at the life in the GCL - Adrian Marin and Jake Pintar share their experiences with being a rookie athlete in the Gulf Coast League

Just because: That time Larry MacPhail tried to kidnap the Kaiser -

Andy Mac's granpappy: not the buttoned down, sweater vest wearin' type.

All major league ballparks will require metal detector screening by the 2015 season | HardballTalk

This will all run quite smoothly, I'm certain. Especially for all those who lubed up across the street at Pickles and Sliders beforehand. And, of course, for those intrepid folks who pack a camping expedition's worth of gear into a backpack for a game.

Happy Birthday to Wayne Kirby!

On this date in 2006 Kris & Anna Benson came to town in a trade that sent Jorge Julio and John Maine to the Mets. That worked out well.

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