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Friday Bird Droppings

I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth, I knew not where...

Rob Carr

Can any of the available free agents save the Orioles' offseason? - As worthy a question to ponder on this frigid Friday as any.

The Orioles signed Aaron Laffey | HardballTalk
The O's are building their own army of soft tossing lefties.

Steve Melewski: Three Orioles prospects make the top 100 list
Guess who?

Orioles prospect Michael Ohlman worth watching as he climbs Minors ladder | News
Bernie Pleskoff invites you to get to know Michael Ohlman a bit better.

Getting to Know New Baltimore Orioles Outfielder David Lough | Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report? Not a slideshow? Does not compute.

Steve Clevenger Has Chance to Be Best Baltimore Orioles Offensive Back-up Catcher in Last Five Years | Orioles 101 | Sports Media 101
Damning with faint praise...

Camden Depot: Reviewing Mike Roberts' Baserunning Brian Roberts' dad literally wrote the book on stealing bases.

On this day in 1939, "Wee" Willie Keeler and George Sisler were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It's the birthday of Tim Stoddard, who had the good fortune to pitch in the bullpen for two World Series teams.