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Sunday Bird Droppings

The new pitching coach isn't actually new, Manny Machado doesn't do percentages well, and it's Rick Schu's birthday. Yes, it's that slow a news day.

Manny Machado, coming to a math class near you.
Manny Machado, coming to a math class near you.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

School of Roch: Flaherty trying to win job at second base
Ryan Flaherty enters Spring Training with open competition at 2B, but you have to think the job is his to lose.

Orioles' Manny Machado getting stronger as camp nears | News

Manny Machado drags out the dreaded "110%" cliche, as in "When I'm 110 percent -- I don't know whether it's in two months or next week -- it's something I'll just have to get a feel for..." You know what happens when an athlete gives 110%? He's trying to do something he can't do. Can't go bigger than 100%, folks. That's all you have.

After years away from the majors, Dave Wallace lends Baltimore Orioles pitchers a helping hand -

Our new pitching coach could have become a member of AARP 16 years ago.

Roberts was a waste of money for the Orioles - The Frederick News-Post

What is it with all the "Well, he wasn't any good, anyway" articles about Brian Roberts? He was a pretty good 2B for a lot of years.

Steve Melewski: So are the Yankees going to be formidable or not?

Steve Melewski asks a question, then never answers it.

A life behind the lens with Paul Hutchins - Baltimore Sun

A look at the career of photographer Paul Hitchens. Some iconic Orioles and Colts photos are included in the slideshow.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Rick Schu and Bob Nieman.

And not a thing happened on this date in Orioles history. Seriousy. Nada. Nuthin'. Zip. Zero. Goose egg.

Consider this your NFL ... um, Pro Bowl(?) open thread.

America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, Open Thread speed. -Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936