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Wednesday Bird Droppings

One less day than there was yesterday until Spring Training and, eventually, Opening Day.

Jim Rogash

Open Thread Mad Libs time. The State of the Orioles is __________. What say you Chatters?

School of Roch: Reports: A.J. Burnett will pitch in 2014 (updated)
In which it is confirmed the O's have interest in Burnett, which stands to reason as he certainly is a 'qualified major league player', in the parlance of Dan Duquette.

Payroll and wins: The past five years - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
I guess the take away from this is that the O's have basically gotten what they've paid for over the past 5 seasons.

Clevenger vs. Montell-may the best backup win | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Spring Training Storyline Fever: Catch it!

Time To Get Over Brian Roberts' Departure

Quit yer' bellyachin'!

Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Remains the Worst | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Issues come up with Tyler Colvin's physical? Let's take this opportunity to blame it all on Angelos! Yawn...

Pitchers protective caps approved by Major League Baseball - ESPN
Aesthetics aside, it's a positive development.

Happy Birthday, Jair Jurrjens. On this date in 1994 the O's signed Lee Smith.

Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is Open Thread. There are rules.