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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Someone turn on the Hot Stove. It's cold!

Good luck with the A's, JJ. Good luck with the Mets, Tea.
Good luck with the A's, JJ. Good luck with the Mets, Tea.
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

School of Roch: Because You Asked - State of the Union
Roch presents you with one of his internal monologue posts

The Orioles Stars and Scrubs Problem | FanGraphs Baseball
The crux of this piece focuses on the O's needing to improve their offense. But the offense ain't the problem; the pitching is. Seems to be mostly a device for Cameron to continue to wishcast for the O's to sign Morales.

Camden Depot: A.J. Burnett vs. Bronson Arroyo: Which Starter Should the Orioles Sign?

A.J. Part Deux, please.

JAWS and the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot: The All One-and-Done Team | The Strike Zone -

Interesting look at some players who, though probably not HoFers, probably deserved a little more than the cursory review they received.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to O's Kyle Hudson and Ross Grimsley.

There are 38 days until Spring Training starts. There are 83 days until Opening Day. Hang in there. It gets better.