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Wednesday Bird Droppings

More ALDS previews. Rotation questions. Adam & Nick's roles. Trendsetting? And more, all in today's exciting edition of Bird Droppings!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we have an official start time for Thursday's Game 1 now at least. The Royals' victory in the Wild Card game means that Thursday's game will commence at (or around) 5:37 pm. See ya' at the Yards!

Position-by-position breakdown for Tigers-O's |
Games ain't played on paper. They're played in a magical realm known as Birdland!

Orioles Buzz: Matt Kremnitzer: Can the Orioles rotation hold up?
They don't have to be flashy. Just need 5 innings out of them each game. Let Buck and the 'pen handle the rest.

Five questions for Detroit Tigers-Baltimore Orioles series - ESPN
"A look at the five most important questions heading into the AL Division Series between the Tigers and the Orioles."

Together since 2008, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis lead Orioles into playoffs -

Connolly takes a stroll down 2110 Eutaw Street

How Buck Showalter brought back the Oriole Way. | : Richard Justice Article

2 week old article from SportsonEarth reflecting on the job done by Buck & Duq' in revitalizing Orioles baseball.

On-base vs. Slugging: How the Orioles’ summer rise could inform the Red Sox’s winter | Red Sox - Complete analysis & insight | The Providence Journal

Are the Orioles...trendsetters?

School of Roch: Quick update on Davis

Evidently he smashed a huge dinger to CF in yesterday's game.

Ask BA: What Got Into Eduardo Rodriguez? -
Just keepin' tabs

Baseball Prospectus | Events | Internet Baseball Awards
Cast a ballot in BPro's Internet Baseball Awards, if you're into that sort of thing.

On this date in 1997 the O's hang 5 ER in 5 IP on Randy Johnson en route to a Game 1 ALDS victory. Mike Mussina K's 9 over 7 IP while allowing just 2 ER.