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Friday Bird Droppings

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Today's the day, folks. ALCS Game one. Chris Tillman versus James Shields. First pitch scheduled for 8:07 PM. Orioles playoff baseball is a wonderful thing and I look forward to plenty more.

From throwback feel to lockdown 'pens, ALCS will thrill |
As it was in the 80s, is now, and ever shall

Steve Melewski: Showalter and Tillman meet the media
Excerpts from yesterday afternoon's presser.

MARC Riders Want Extended Service In Orioles | WBAL Radio 1090 AM
It's a thought...

Mike Boddicker pulling for Royals over Orioles, despite dual allegiances, - Aw, how couldja. Also key analysis from ZAUN: "You can't steal first."

How Chris Tillman Keeps Runners From Running | FanGraphs Baseball This is a pretty neat, gif-laden article.

Despite Risks, J.J. Hardy Extension Is Win-Win for Both Sides | Bleacher Report
I know, I know...but there's a lot of good data in here.

Baltimore Orioles' Steve Pearce all about perseverance - ESPN
"After several setbacks, Steve Pearce considered quitting baseball. But he endured, and is now thriving in his role as the Orioles' starting first baseman."

Tao of Buck: Why Buck Showalter is a mad genius - Yahoo Sports
Wizard. Genius. Crackerjack. Papa Bird. All that. Buck's the man.

On this day in 2005, a Congressional subcommittee declined to prosecute Rafael Palmeiro for perjury. Palmeiro had tested positive for PEDs during the season after giving sworn testimony that he had never used PEDs. On this day in 2011, Nelson Cruz hit the first walkoff grand slam in postseason history as the Rangers beat the Tigers 7-3 in game 2 of the ALCS.