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The Orioles' J.J. Hardy extension was popular with the media

Breathe easy, Birdland: You still have a Gold Glove shortstop.

Patrick Smith

Dan Duquette and the O's have moved swiftly to prevent J.J. Hardy from hitting free agency. There was much rejoicing in Birdland...but beyond?

Some folks have focused on the reasonableness of the deal...

Zachary Rymer, Bleacher Report: "So let's hand it to Hardy and the Orioles. They made a deal that can be nitpicked, but it's a deal that works reasonably well for both parties."

Some like the "stick it to the Yankees" factor...

Jonathan Mitchell, Baltimore Sports and Life: "Even with the declining bat, Hardy and his glove conservatively are likely worth an average of 2.5 WAR per season over this deal and locking him up also leaves the division rival New York Yankees scrambling even harder to find their Derek Jeter replacement. Only time will tell but it looks like a smart move on both ends."

Jeff Sullivan, Fangraphs: "Hardy’s is a difficult skillset to acquire, and now the free-agent market is without one of its potential impact players...While the Orioles didn’t re-sign Hardy just to make the Yankees a little more frustrated, it makes for a delightful little side effect"

What's a contract discussion without curmudgeonly dissent?

Steve Goldman, SB Nation: "...the timing of the news, coming on an off-day before the start of the American League Championship Series, is odd given the club's likely desire to keep the player focused on the task at hand. It brings to mind the infamous 1925 postseason of Washington Senators shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh."

I leave you with a pair of thought provoking tweets from Twins diehard Aaron Gleeman...

...really makes you think.