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NLCS Game 2 / Sunday Night Sports Thread

There's no Orioles baseball tonight, but there is the NLCS, and also Sunday Night Football, so join us for the party if you want.

Ezra Shaw

The Orioles have the day off in the ALCS, although honestly, I wish they were playing so I could get over this agonizing waiting for what's going to happen next. They probably needed a day to breathe, step back, and refocus on the rest of the series, though.

They'll be in action for NLCS Game 2 in St. Louis, with the Cardinals looking to avoid the fate of the Orioles in dropping the first two games of their series at home.

NLCS Game 2: Giants @ Cardinals, 8:07, Giants lead series, 1-0
Starters: Jake Peavy (SF), Lance Lynn (STL)

If football is your thing, there will be a different Giants team in action on Sunday night, with the New York Football Giants in action in Philadelphia against the Eagles. Maybe that will be a good game, maybe it will be terrible. I don't know.

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