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The nervous about the Orioles, watching NLCS Game 3 because it's what's on thread

There are, as of this posting, about four hours left until the Orioles play ALCS Game 3. This is where we are nervous about them, and maybe also watching NLCS Game 3 because it's what's on.

Kyle Rivas

These are the restless hours of waiting. Perhaps you're filled with a vague sense of dread. Perhaps it's numbness, like there's been so few baseball games over the last week that it actually feels like the season is over. It's not over, though. The Orioles can still make it to the World Series, as long as they win four of the next five games. That's going to be a tough task against a Royals team that's proven to be a tough matchup. It can be done, but it's not going to be easy.

But first we have to wait until 8 o'clock rolls around. That's no fun. There's National League baseball going on in the intervening time, as if that even counts as something that could divert your attention, or even as if it counts as baseball. The Giants and the Cardinals are knotted at a game apiece. The game is in San Francisco. I think someone left their heart there once.