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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Paper cuts and strangulation have put the O's on the precipice of the off-season. Vent your frustrations or share your irrational optimism here.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Monumental task in front of Baltimore Orioles - ESPN
You misspelled 'impossible' there, headline writer person.

Wei-Yin Chen was good, but Orioles needed better to beat Royals - Baltimore Sun
uh...Chen wasn't the problem. Only getting 5 baserunners was.

Backs against wall, O's turn to Gonzalez in Game 4 |
Gonna have to find a way to somehow win 0 to negative 1, 'cause I don't think this offense is capable of scoring any runs at the moment.

Dyson says Oriole dropped knee on him following his bold remark -
Cry me a river.

Dan Duquette and Avoiding the Awful | FanGraphs Baseball
Great look at how the O's have limited negative value production under the tenure of Duquette.

Contract Crowdsourcing 2014-15: Day 2 of 10 | FanGraphs Baseball
Fangraphs has started it's annual contract crowdsourcing exercise. Predict some player's next contracts, if that sort of thing interests you.

Happy 69th birthday, Jim Palmer! Any chance he might have 6 or 7 scoreless innings in his arm? On this date in 1970 the O's won their 2nd World Series trophy, defeating the Reds in 5 games. In 1997, Mike Mussina is brilliant through 8 innings, but the O's are nonetheless eliminated from the ALCS by an 11th inning Tony Fernandez HR off of Armando Benitez. 15 years of misery would follow.