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ALDS 2014: Make your predictions for the Orioles-Tigers series

What does your Magic 8-Ball tell you is going to happen in this series between the Orioles and Tigers?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs are here. The Orioles are a part of the dance. All that's left now is for them to play the games. It's not as much fun to just sit around and wait for them to play it all out, though. Gaze into your crystal ball and ponder the uncertain future. Before the series gets underway, it's time to make some predictions.

Take a crack at these questions in the comments below. This is all just for bragging rights, but just think of how smart you'll look if you get a bunch of these right. People might even start to think you're some kind of time traveler here from the future.

Step right up...

1. How many home runs will the Orioles hit in the series?

2. Which Orioles starter will have the most innings pitched in a single game?

3. Who will drive in the most runs for the Orioles?

4. Who will save more games: Zach Britton or Joe Nathan?

5. Which team will make more errors in the series?

6. How many runs will the Orioles bullpen allow?

7. Who will win the series, and in how many games?

Show us what you've got! Go Orioles!