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ALDS 2014: Orioles pre-game notes, including naming Game 2 starter: Wei-Yin Chen

In his pre-game press conference, Orioles manager Buck Showalter finally revealed the Game 2 starter: Wei-Yin Chen.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Players don't talk to the media before postseason games, but the managers do. With the only Orioles starting pitcher yet to be announced being Game 1's Chris Tillman, there was a lot for manager Buck Showalter to address with the media. The roundup from the pre-game conference:

  • Wei-Yin Chen will start Game 2 of the series for the Orioles
  • Both Bud Norris and Miguel Gonzalez, possible starters for later on in the series, will be available out of the bullpen tonight
  • Some Orioles not on the ALDS roster, including Brian Matusz, T.J. McFarland, Steve Clevenger, and the injured Matt Wieters, will be remaining with the team through the series
  • The O's thought about including Alexi Casilla on the ALDS roster, but Showalter told reporters that he thought it wouldn't be fair as Casilla hadn't played in enough games
  • Casilla along with Quintin Berry will be in Sarasota keeping ready in case they might get used in the ALCS, if the Orioles advance
  • Asked about Ubaldo Jimenez's inclusion on the roster, Showalter said, "His last three outings have been good, and if you look at his numbers against Detroit, it's a good what if."

This last fact does not at all line up with Jimenez's career numbers against assorted Tigers sluggers, as you can see on Baseball Reference. Still, Jimenez it is - and he's probably a better option than Matusz, given that the Tigers don't really have any left-handed bats who need to be neutralized. I hope we don't have much need for Jimenez, but he's there in case.