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Sunday Bird Droppings

If the news pickings are this slim now, mid-January is going to be a ball of excitement.

Jonathan Schoop, future Gold Glove winner.
Jonathan Schoop, future Gold Glove winner.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Orioles working on their 40-man moves
As you might suspect, our Honey Badger GM isn't going to just stare at the walls over the winter.

Steve Melewski: A look at why the Orioles will fall when organizational rankings come out
SAVED YOU A CLICK: Kevin Gausman and Jonathan Schoop aren't eligible anymore, and Eduardo Rodriguez isn't in our system anymore.

School of Roch: Steve Johnson on being outrighted: "Obviously, it's a business move"

"I'll just weigh my offers out there and see what's going on. The Orioles obviously are the team I feel comfortable with and I enjoy playing for them. They gave me my first shot. The opportunity they've given me has been awesome. It just comes down to the offers I get and weighing my decision and what I feel is best."

Steve Melewski: After great 2014 season, will O's shell out big bucks for Andrew Miller?

"This MLBTraderumors profile of Miller's free agency ends with a prediction that he will get a four-year deal worth $32 million via free agency. No doubt the Tigers could have strong interest, as will his former team in Boston. Would the O's consider such a contract for Andrew Miller?"

School of Roch: Buck Showalter: "I don't want anybody to be satisfied"

"I imagine a guy like Jonathan Schoop sitting down on his couch or whatever in the offseason. They need some down time, just kind of reflect on everything. That's why you let them have their space. There's four of our guys living here within 15 minutes but I'm going to leave them alone. They've had enough of my stuff."

Nothing of note today in Orioles history. Get used to ready that.

Happy Birthday to Wayne Garland!

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