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ALDS Game Two Thread: Tigers (0-1) @ Orioles (1-0), 12:07

One Cy Young winner down for the Orioles, but there's still two to go, and they still have to win two of the next four against the Tigers. Can they get that started in a ridiculously early noon game on Friday?

Mike Stobe

The good news is that last night was awesome. The bad news is that it doesn't get much more awesome than last night. Sure, the Orioles could find a way to triumph with Wei-Yin Chen against a lineup of righty mashers, while beating former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander. They could, especially since Verlander turned in a very un-Verlander-like season this year. But he settled down in September, so even though he gave up a bunch of runs against the O's in May, that probably doesn't mean much.

The noon start time is scary. The Tigers lineup is scary. Just about the only thing that's not scary is the Tigers bullpen, and even they can't get much worse than last night. You can't count on that kind of meltdown more than once in a series. What if they used up all of their runs in that one awful inning last night? The playoffs are nerve-wracking. I thought last night I might need a paper bag. Then suddenly, the eighth inning. But there can't possibly be another of those, can there?

The Orioles are ten wins away from the World Series, but they're also three losses away from golfing. There's still two more former Cy Young winners on tap in the next two games, and if they don't win two out of the next three, they'll have to go up against Scherzer again in a Game 5 situation.

Oh, and if you're stuck at work - sorry. We're here for you, though. You can celebrate in silence if anything good happens, and if nobody is looking right at you, nobody will even know you're not working if you're typing! It's a win for you and hopefully a win for the Orioles.

Today's Lineups

Ian Kinsler - 2B Nick Markakis - RF
Torii Hunter - RF Alejandro De Aza - LF
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Adam Jones - CF
Victor Martinez - DH Nelson Cruz - DH
J.D. Martinez - LF Steve Pearce - 1B
Nick Castellanos - 3B J.J. Hardy - SS
Alex Avila - C Ryan Flaherty - 3B
Andrew Romine - SS Caleb Joseph - C
Rajai Davis - CF Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Justin Verlander - RHP Wei-Yin Chen - LHP