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ALDS 2014: MLB announces possible times for Orioles-Tigers Games 4 and 5, if necessary

MLB has continued to assault the Orioles with absurdly early day game times in the ALDS, according to the tentative Game 4 and 5 schedule released on Friday evening.

Patrick Smith

Have you had your fill of day games yet in the American League Division Series between the Orioles and the Tigers? I hope that the answer is no, because MLB announced the potential game times for Game 4 and Game 5 - if necessary! - and there is more stupidly early baseball on tap.

As it turns out, the likelihood is that Game 4 will get started at 12:07pm, just like Friday's Game 2. On the off chance that the Royals sweep the Angels in their ALDS, then Game 4 would instead get underway at 1:37pm. Either way, the Orioles will have to overcome their day game woes if they want to avoid the series heading back to Baltimore. Sunday's Game 3 is already scheduled for 3:45.

If the series gets to a fifth game, which will be back in Baltimore, that game is tentatively scheduled for 5:37pm, although it will move to 8:07 if the Royals-Angels series concludes in fewer than five games. Hopefully the Orioles have also concluded the series in fewer than five games, of course.

Bud Norris, he of the 5.57 day game ERA, is the scheduled Game 4 starter. If things get to a Game 5, that will probably see another outing by Chris Tillman.