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What was the funniest Orioles moment of the year? Nominate your picks here!

SB Nation MLB is looking to crown the funniest moment of the year, and that means we need to pare down the funniest Orioles moment of the year so we can get our pick on the short list. Nominate a video, GIF, or Vine.

Rob Carr

All across the SB Nation MLB network over the next couple of weeks, sites will be making their picks for some of the greatest moments of the season. Each site will open up voting to the public in a variety of categories and then the site winners will be pared down by the people on the main /MLB hub for everyone to vote on, with the winner being, well, the winner.

It's cool any time the Orioles win a popularity contest, so, it's up to us to put our best foot forward for each one to see if we can get one of our choices on the final ballot. This means that I need you, the good people of Birdland, to help me come up with the selections for the Camden Chat polls, which will get underway on Monday.


What I am looking for from you is your favorite funny Orioles moment of the year, in the form of a video highlight on, a funny GIF, or a silly Vine. What was that one moment that made you laugh more than any other? Nominate your moments in the comments below, and if you see someone has already picked yours, make sure to rec the ones you really like.

Over the weekend, I'll be paring down to 3-5 choices. On Monday we can commence lobbying for our favorites in earnest. The overlords at /MLB need to see the evidence themselves, so if you know there is a video or GIF of your moment, please make sure to share it when you put forth your suggestion.

Monday, along with putting up the poll for Funniest Moment, I'll also be setting up nominations for the next category, MOST REGRETTABLE MOMENT, so make sure to start brainstorming for that, too.

Share the funniest moments in video, GIF, or Vine form below. Let's come up with some good ones! Thank you.