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NLDS Games 3 Open Thread: Nationals @ Giants, Dodgers @ Cardinals

Potential Orioles World Series opponents - wow, that is great to write - are in action on Monday. Will the Giants finish off the Nationals? Who will get the edge in the series between the Dodgers and the Cardinals?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There is no American League baseball on Monday because the Orioles and the Royals both swept their respective series. Just think about that for a second. There were originally going to be four baseball games today, only the O's dispatched the Tigers (and their three Cy Young winners) in three games, and the Royals dispatched the Angels (with the probable AL MVP) in three games. Baseball is kind of awesome.

It's even awesome when all that there is to watch is National League. Those division series each play Game 3 on Monday.

First up: the Nationals are in San Francisco to take on the Giants. They trail 2-0 in the series. A sweep would be glorious. This game gets underway at 5:07 on MLB Network. Starting pitchers: Doug Fister for Washington, Madison Bumgarner for San Francisco.

Four hours later, the other game of the night will begin. You would think this means the first game will be over by then, although we saw on Saturday night that this was not the case. At any rate, the Dodgers are in St. Louis to take on the Cardinals starting at 9:07. That series is tied 1-1. Why is the game in St. Louis happening at 8 o'clock local time whereas the West Coast game is happening at 2 local time? Maybe the Orioles aren't the only team MLB hates.

The Cardinals starter is John Lackey. For the Dodgers, it'll be Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Who are you rooting for in each of these series? Who do you think will win? Personally, I'd like to avoid yet another Giants-Cardinals NLCS. I also am no fan of the Nationals, so, go Dodgers.