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NLDS Games 4 Thread: Dodgers @ Cardinals, Nationals @ Giants

The Orioles' potential World Series opponents - yup, still awesome - if they make it that far are in action on Tuesday night. Who are you rooting for?

Ezra Shaw


5:07pm: Dodgers @ Cardinals, Fox Sports 1
Starting pitchers: Clayton Kershaw (LAD), Shelby Miller (STL)
St. Louis leads series, 2-1

This is an elimination game if the Dodgers lose. It's kind of crazy that the Dodgers could be at this point, but then when you're ace-reliant and your bullpen is terrible, and your ace kind of has a bad first game, well... ask the Tigers how that works out. Yasiel Puig is starting out on the bench. Well, okay.

It's nice of the Cardinals to actually let Miller participate in the postseason this time around.

9:07pm: Nationals @ Giants, Fox Sports 1
Starting pitchers: Gio Gonzalez (WAL), Ryan Vogelsong (SF)
San Francisco leads series, 2-1

Elimination game if the Nationals lose. If they win, the teams will return to Walgreens for Game 5 on Thursday. I don't have any kind of idea what might happen in this game. Of course, in any given game, anything can happen, and that's no less true in the postseason. One weird bounce or bad throw (seen yesterday as Madison Bumgarner made the poor choice to try to get the lead runner on a sacrifice bunt) can swing a game.

What do you think will happen in tonight's games? Will either series come to an end, or will we get a pair of decisive Game 5 contests? Who are you rooting for to make it out of these series?