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ALCS 2014: Orioles will not place Chris Davis on series roster

Buck Showalter told 105.7 on Tuesday night that Chris Davis won't be on the ALCS roster.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Davis will not be on the Orioles roster for the American League Championship Series against the Royals. That's what O's manager Buck Showalter told 105.7 The Fan on Tuesday night during an otherwise run-of-the-mill interview. You never know when a little breaking news will strike.

That Davis will be left off is little surprise after the sweep of the Tigers in the American League Division Series. Davis entered the postseason with eight games still to be served of his suspension for a second positive test for a banned stimulant. With only three games taking place in the ALDS, Davis still has five games to serve and he wouldn't be eligible until Game 6 of the ALCS. There's not even a guarantee that the series will play more than five games.

It might have been a tougher choice for the O's if the series had gone five games, meaning that Davis could potentially be eligible as soon as ALCS Game 4. During the broadcast of Sunday's ALDS clinching game, the TBS crew said that Showalter was planning to have the players vote about whether or not to put Davis on the roster.

If that vote is going to take place, it seems it will be for the World Series, if the Orioles happen to make it that far.