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ALCS 2014: Orioles, Royals game times announced for rest of series

On Wednesday evening, MLB announced the start times for the remainder of the Orioles-Royals American League Championship Series.

Patrick Smith

MLB announced the game start times for the rest of the American League Championship Series on Wednesday evening and every game will be getting underway at either 4:07 or 8:07 Eastern time. That is about what you'd expect.

Game 3 and Game 4 of the series, both taking place in Kansas City, will get underway at 8:07. That's 7 o'clock in the evening in KC, which should still be late enough at this time of year for there to not be any question of shadows or anything like that. More importantly, it's enough that Orioles fans working normal weekday hours won't have to miss work time to watch the games in their preferred manner. This will be Monday and Tuesday evening.

There is one weekday afternoon game to contend with, which will be Game 5 of the series - if necessary. That's Wednesday at 4:07 in Kansas City. This is the same day as NLCS Game 4, and that series gets prime time billing because, hey, you gotta alternate, I guess. It also probably has something to do with NLCS Game 4 being in San Francisco. This game starts at 3 o'clock in the Central time zone.

They don't seem to want any games, even the ones out west, to start later than 8:07 Eastern, which is fine for people on the East Coast who have to get up for work the next morning anyway.

Games 6 and 7, also if necessary, will be played in Baltimore. Both will be scheduled to begin at 8:07. Game 6 would be played a week from Friday, with Game 7 a week from Saturday. The series has off days on Sunday and Thursday as the teams travel to and from Kansas City.

The schedule for the entire series is as follows:

Game 1: Baltimore, Friday, October 10, 8:07
Game 2: Baltimore, Saturday, Oct. 11, 4:07
Game 3: Kansas City, Monday, Oct. 13, 8:07
Game 4: Kansas City, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 8:07
Game 5: Kansas City, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 4:07
Game 6: Baltimore, Friday, Oct. 17, 8:07
Game 7: Baltimore, Saturday, Oct. 18, 8:07

Games 5-7 are all of necessary. With a best-of-seven series, it's over as soon as one team has won four games. If the Orioles somehow win before the series can return to Baltimore, that would be OK with me, but if they win at home in either the 6th or 7th game, that would be a very special moment for the city, too. It should be a good series; here's hoping the ball bounces the O's way.